Table of contents

Chapter 1
From Building Blocks to Computers
Models and Modeling
Chapter 2
The Game of Life
A Legendary Cellular Automaton
Chapter 3
Heads or Tails
Probability of an Event
Chapter 4
Galton’s Board
Probability and Statistics
Chapter 5
Twenty Questions
Probability and Information
Chapter 6
The Evolution of Dynamical Systems
Chapter 7
The Lorenz Butterfly
Deterministic Chaos
Chapter 8
From Cantor to Mandelbrot
Self-similarity and Fractals
Chapter 9
Typing Monkeys
Statistical Linguistics
Chapter 10
The Bridges of Königsberg
Graph Theory
Chapter 11
Prisoner’s Dilemma
Game Theory
Chapter 12
Let the Best Man Win
Genetic Algorithms
Chapter 13
Computers Can Learn
Neural Networks
Chapter 14
Unpredictable Individuals
Modeling Society
Chapter 15
Universal Computer
The Turing Machine
Chapter 16
Hal, R2D2 and Number 5
Artificial Intelligence

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